Biodiversity is crashing

Natural habitat loss is one of the world's most critical issues. It is the main cause of biodiversity loss. The current biodiversity crisis threatens the extinction of up to a million species, according to a recent report[1]. By protecting and preserving wilderness and natural habitat we can help maintain biodiversity.

"Biodiversity loss, the destruction of nature is as grave an issue as climate change. They both work together to destabilise the world we rely upon"

- Sir David Attenborough

The age of extinction

One million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction [1]. In the last 50 years, mammal, bird and fish populations have fallen by almost 70%. We are at a critical time point. The biggest problem is humans transforming the natural landscape by building roads, cities and factories. 75% of all land on earth has already been degraded by humans.

In Europe, the primary direct driver of biodiversity loss in terrestrial systems is land-use change, primarily the conversion of pristine native habitats into mass-agriculture systems.


Humans are almost entirely responsible for extinctions of mammals in past decades. If we continue on our current path, over 500 mammal species will go extinct in the next 100 years. We need to get onto the path of sustainability. Scientists say we need to protect 30% of the world's wilderness by 2030[2].

We want to protect it today.